Sunday, 22 April 2012

Passage to stardom...

Pass between the (cardboard) stars to reach your dreams... Although I'm not quite what sort of dream involves Daleks, or if we'd want that sort at all..

It was actually, of course, to reach the Stagecoach Agency registration day... An audition, photoshoot, and promo DVD to watch! I think we were first there, and were greeted personally by the Managing Director! I hope this bodes well.

From a parents point of view, it's a tense time, hoping that your little one remembers their presentation, doesn't fumble their lines and doesn't roll about on the floor while waiting for their turn with the photographer...

She came out saying she'd done really well, and had even sung them a song. Nothing we'd practised of course.. I hope they appreciate her spontaneity and inventiveness!

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