Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fun in the sun

We must be mad!

A 300 mile round trip, braving the roadworks on the Birmingham bit of the M6 in the morning rush hour, but dodging a string of accidents on the way back.. (We avoided most of them using the M1/A50 route..)

All so we could enjoy the sun in an outdoor play area of a Northampton primary school!

Eva-Jane instantly made a friend and spent most of the rest of the day playing with her - they even did some of the running-about shots holding hands!

This was just an 'extras' role, but good fun, excellent experience, and she got to record some song lyrics independently; we'll see how much appears on the final product - once that's released we'll add a link and say a bit more about what went on.

Thanks to all involved. We had a great day - well worth the travelling.

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