Saturday, 17 November 2012

A dash to the post

We had our first agency-led audition last week.  That was fun - I got a phone call at half past ten in the morning, "can she go tonight?"  For a bit before 5pm right in the centre of Manchester!

Short notice, or what! Especially as Tiddler was in school until 3:30, and factoring in rush hour traffic, it gave me about 20 minutes of her at home to get changed out of school uniform and run through the lines we'd been sent.

It was for a commercial, of course.  Who else works at such short timescales.  And the lines?  Not language I'd expect of a 5 year old!  Not rude, I should say, just... odd...   I don't know what the scriptwriters were on, but one phrase they used I'd never heard before, and nor had google, which says a lot.

Another spanner in the works was having to drop Big Brother off at college on the way for his evening class.  It's only a short distance away, but left me in an awkward place for getting to the audition, given the traffic.  I tried heading up Deansgate, but got caught out by the new arrangements up near Victoria - straight on now goes direct into a car park!  I considered just parking up and walking from there, but £6.50 minimum charge?!  It took a three-point turn to get out, and I wasn't the only one to make the mistake - the two in front and two behind me did the same!

Anyway, we fought our way around the Inner Ring Road, and ended up parking in the Arndale multi-storey.  £4 for two hours - still feels a lot, but not quite so bad.   We found the lift, pressed the "down" button, and eventually a lift arrived.  "5^" the indicator said.  "Lift going up" the automation said.  So we waited for the next one.  The light went out, the doors closed, and the lift went down!  Gah!

I hate driving in rush hour when I'm on a time limit!  I hate lifts that lie to you.

So we rush down the stairs instead, dash through the Upper Mall and out onto High Street, and quickly across to the dance studios where the auditions were taking place.  And more stairs to climb!  Anyway, we get there just about on time, I think.

Then the calm... a nice wait in a room full of anxious little girls, fretting parents, and noisy siblings, while seen kids left and new ones arrived!  Eva-Jane immediately made a friend, of course, (Hi Xanthe!) and they spent the waiting time playing noughts-and-crosses on her mother's iPhone.

It was interesting to note how much, or how little, preparation some parents had done - at least one child was still in school uniform.  Come on...

Eventually she was called, ("Is it my turn?" "No you're next." ... "Is it me now?") and I like to think she made a good impression.

The trip home was a good deal calmer...   A call in at McDonalds as a treat for doing well, and we were home in plenty of time for bedtime!

I've got fingers crossed, but I'm not pacing anxiously waiting for the phone call - they were seeing a lot of kids there, and I've spotted notices of auditions for what looks like the same thing elsewhere in the country. I'd be fun if they pick her, and she'd love it if her friends see her on the telly, but we're not deluded enough to think she's got it in the bag just yet!

Thanks to TSA for sending us, and here's hoping for the next one !

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