Saturday, 25 May 2013

Thick and Fast

Well; it's been a fun packed couple of months since the last posting. I really ought to update more often.So, a quick run-down...

Eva-Jane got her next LAMDA award; Merit this time.  There was some concern from the school, since it seemed that everybody had been marked down a bit this time, but since the actual reports had apparently gone missing between the examiner and London, nobody was able to know what exactly was the cause.

Nice news .. She was picked out of Spotlight back in April to audition for a BBC drama!  Short notice and it being in London cased some dilemma, but we were given the option of self-taping a bit of improv, so we tried our best.  We heard no more, so I assume she didn't get the part, however we got all giddy for a bit, and it shows she's got the looks that at least somebody likes.  I do worry though that the tape let her down; she does so much better in person.  Next time, I think we'll have to bite the bullet and go where we're needed.

Then earlier this month, we were asked to record a tape for a voiceover.  That was fun, and we thought she did really well, plus we all enjoyed it, but again, no feedback.  I guess that's the way it goes though - you only hear back if they want you.

Then a couple of days later, another audition, for a commercial, necessitating an after-school dash into Manchester where they had her hoping like a frog!

Good news on that one though, they pencilled her in for the part!  Nine days to get a licence, so it was a bit of a mad scramble to get all the paperwork together: School were fantastic; they are always very supportive, but getting a letter out of the doctors ... "argh!"   It was suggested to us once that the reason that really nice doctors have really awkward reception staff is to fend off all the patients for them, otherwise they'd be overrun!  Anyway, it took three days but we finally obtained the letter and I hand-delivered everything to the local authority.  Just in time to get an email from the agency the next day saying that she wasn't needed after all.  Sigh ....  Oh the joys of castings ...

But, we're still looking forward to the next opportunity.

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