Thursday, 4 July 2013

Silence is broken..

It could be anywhere, but it's London, really!

After a few weeks of silence, we get a call from the agents asking if Eva-Jane was up for an audition in London, the next day!  A commercial, for insulation, of all things...   Well, we decided it was worth trying for.

The audition was at 6.20pm... so some mad timetable checking, and if we get the 3.15pm train down, we can make it.  School let me have her an little early, so we have time to change before dashing to the station.

See, Carnaby Street.
14.30 Collect dd from school early...

14.40 Quick change, wash and scrub..
14.50 Jump in car and head to Manchester
15.00 Park up and dash into station
15.05 Collect tickets and dive into train
15.15 Train leaves...
....two hours of chatter and eating of junk food...
17.25 Arrive London
17.30 Buy oyster card
17.35 get on tube train
17.40 get off tube train. and walk down Oxford St. Pay £13 for an "I love London" teddy bear.
17.55 arrive around corner from audition
Change shoes, remove coat, brush hair, practice lines...
18.12 Go in, 8 mins early...

It sounded like she did well, but who knows with commercials..

Boris Bikes! Now do you believe me?
18.30 Back outside again..
18.40 packed tube, have to wait for second train
18.55 arrive Euston
..decide no chance of finding a seat on the 19.01 train..
19.13 the 19.20 is announced as boarding; cue HUGE movement of people.
We manage to find a pair of seats, facing backwards with no window to speak of.
19.20 train leaves
... Tiddler falls asleep on my lap.
21.28 arrive Manchester
21.35 get in car
21.40 back home.


7 hours; she saw about 30 mins of crowded Soho streets! But we came back with a teddy. And broke my thermos flask

Oh and today she wasn't well; took her to the docs, and they suspect she has Scarlet Fever! As does a school friend we bumped into there.. That'll explain the falling asleep..

Update:  We heard nothing after this, so we presume she didn't get the part.  Shame...  And it wasn't Scarlet Fever, but an "uspecified" infection that behaves the same.  Riiiiiight..

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