Monday, 22 July 2013


I wrote last week about Eva-Jane's filming of a short film for the Virgin Media Shorts competition.  Well, the film is online, and it's now time to vote!!

If the video fails to load, click here to watch on the VMS website.(But scroll down first to continue reading..)

The guys and gals at PurpleCoat were wonderful; they really made Eva-Jane feel special, and she had a simply great day.  We've got absolutely no problems therefore in supporting them in the competition.  Should they not be picked immediately for the top 12 films, (well, there are over 840 other entries...) the 13th place is chosen by public vote. That's where you, dear reader, come in.

To vote, you need to use Twitter; simply tweet The Big Day #VMShortsVote and that's it.  You must say the name of the film followed by the hashtag.  You can also use the "Tweet" button below the video on the Virgin Media Shorts website which will do it for you. Feel free to add your comments! Don't use the "Share" option inside the video window, as that doesn't include the hashtag, so will not count!

That page also has share buttons for all the popular social media sites, so please share it all over, but it's only Tweets that count as votes, so if you don't have twitter, and don't want to sign up to it, at least find out which of your family and friends do have it, and encourage them to vote.  Please!

As an aside ... the film opens with her sat on a Sofa.  It's only a couple of miles from another sofa that she was filmed on 18 months ago. Maybe we should be looking for roles that feature only Mancunian sofas...

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